GECTAA Lends in their Hands for Flood Relief

The floods of August 2018, the worst floods that the south Indian state of Kerala faced after 1924. The flood affected the 14 districts, the entire state. The impact of the flood was that bad as one sixth of the entire population was directly affected. The floods were caused due to the unusual high amount of rain that the state received during the month of August which led to the opening of 35 dams out of 39 dams. Many camps were set up for the people affected by the flood. The loss caused by the floods exceeded 19,000 crores when calculated. Help from all sides reached the state.

Govt. Engineering College, Barton Hill served as a collection point for all the resources coming from different parts of the district. The members of the institution also worked as volunteers in camps situated in the affected areas. Apart from the members, the alumni also played important roles in the flood relief programs. They delivered batches of different materials directly to different collection points according to the requirements made by the centers. They also worked hand in hand with the district administration, in identifying the services that are critically required which included the requirements of medicines. The members of the alumni were able to identify and procure them from the vendors outside Kerala to overcome the scarcity that the state suddenly had to face.

Apart from the volunteering, the alumni provided an assistance for setting up ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution which was essential to manage the sorting and distribution of the relief materials so that the materials reach the right person. They were able to provide this IT solution through various institutions which they are a part of.

In these many ways, the alumni members of GEC Barton Hill played one of the major roles in the upliftment of Kerala during the floods.